auto parts fuel filter 030 115 561AB

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100% Brand New & High Quality New Oil Filter

Manufacturer Part Number: OC515,030 115 561 AB,030 115 561 AN

Fit Car Model: VW Golf R32 GTI Rabbit 10-13 1.4L CGGA OC515,030 115 561 AB,030 115 561 AN

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Model Number 030 115 561AB Application 1
Size standard size Certification ISO 9001:2015/TS 16949
Material Black PP & white


Warranty 1 year


Item Name Air filter Intake Resistance 1.2 Kpa
Filtration efficiency 98% MOQ 520 Piece
Working life 10000 km Price USD 1-5
Usage Remove dust impurities Port Tianjin/Guangzhou
Fuel filter030 115 561AB (4)
Fuel filter030 115 561AB (5)


Additional information

1.Supply to Europe, Russia, Middle East, Brazil, Africa, Egypt, India, Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.

2.Material: Good quality black PP and white non-woven.

3.Professional air filter/cabin filter/oil filter and fuel filter supplier build since 1999.

4.We accept your customized order, we can deliver the goods in time.

details of fuel filter

Genuine Volkswagen Oil Filters contain significantly more filtering medium than aftermarket filters (sometimes twice as much), ensuring proper flow of oil through the filter element, while trapping damaging particles. Proper filtration is crucial in preventing excessive wear and damage to your engine, keeping it in top running condition for years to come. Can Style filters also feature bypass and anti-drain back valves ensuring sufficient oil supply to the engine’s internal components during cold starts and heavy acceleration.

Genuine OEM - Fit perfectly

Provides quality engine effectiveness

High Quality Filtering medium filters oil properly, capturing damaging particles before they reach you engine while maintaining high flow rate

Significantly more filtering medium than aftermarket competitors, sometimes twice as much!

What you need to know about changing your fuel filter

In order to do its work properly your fuel filter needs regular changing to fulfill its job in capturing unwanted particles and water circulating in your fuel. As a result, the injection system and nozzles will experience undue wear, and your vehicle or machine’s performance will suffer.

If you’re unsure of potential fuel filter problem symptoms, here are some signs it’s time to get a fuel filter replacement:

Complete failure to start
Poor acceleration or a decrease in power
Sputtering or stalling at low speeds
Fuel efficiency is noticeably worse
System warning light comes on, indicating there’s a problem

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5. Well understanding about the trend of the market.
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