Radiator Hose

  • Automotive Performance Radiator Hose Reducer 96536598

    Automotive Performance Radiator Hose Reducer 96536598

    Product Name
    EPDM rubber hose
    EPDM+polyester fiber braided
    Production Process
    Inner hose: EPDM, Reinforcement: PET, Cover: EPDM
    Product Surface
    smooth surface with pure rubber
    Product Feature
    EPDM material have superior performance, tensile strength, anti-aging,
    wear resistance, heat resistance, air tightness, radiation resistance
    Work Pressure
    1.5Mpa=15kg=15bar=145Psi or customized
    Blasting Pressure
    3.0Mpa=30kg=30bar=290Psi or customized
    24 months
    automotive, mechanical water tanks, engines, radiators, heaters etc

    1. 100% EPDM Hose Only use only the finest quality EPDM rubber for the most demanding automotive applications.This ensures Hoses perform better and look great without fading or perishing over time.

    2. Premium Quality Reinforcing Fabrics Use the finest Aramid/Polyester fiber, specially designed for automotive hose manufacturing. Fabrics are specially orientated to give required stiffness to resist dilation-associated problems such as loss of boost.Only with quality fabric will the hose have the strength to deliver reliable performance.

    3. Complex Constructions Not all the hoses are the same – each Hose has a specific combination of EPDM compounds & selected fabrics to deliver the required performance, reliability strength and flexibility required, as well as complex bespoke shapes to suit every need.

    4. Can be Customized
    Any shape, size, size can be customized according to customer requirements