Motorcycle Air Filter

Next, let’s get to know the dry paper filter elements commonly used in motorcycles. Among the motorcycles, the most worthy of our attention is the women’s scooter. Because of the design position of the air filter in the car, the women’s scooter air filter is The air filter is very important, and the air filter element is equivalent to the mask we use.

When the engine is working, a large amount of air is needed to completely burn the gasoline; the function of the air filter element is to filter the air supplied to the engine before entering the combustion chamber to remove dust, sand and other impurities in the air to ensure the air entering the combustion chamber of the cylinder block Clean, but also to ensure smooth air intake.

The inferior air filter element, on the one hand, has rough filter paper and poor filtering performance, which cannot effectively prevent dust in the air from entering the combustion chamber; on the other hand, there is a gap between its shape and the installation shell, which causes part of the air to enter the combustion without filtering. Room. Dust enters the combustion chamber, causing abnormal wear of engine parts such as the cylinder block, piston, piston ring, and so on, causing the engine to burn oil.

The use of high-quality filter elements can avoid wear of parts such as valves due to dust entering the combustion chamber. Using inferior filter elements, dust enters the combustion chamber, causing wear of the valve, cylinder block, piston and other parts.

Inferior air filter element, its filter paper is easy to be clogged by dust in a short period of time, the air permeability of the filter paper deteriorates quickly, and inferior air filter element generally has less “wrinkles” of filter paper and small filter area, so the air cannot be smooth Entering the combustion chamber of the engine will cause insufficient intake of the engine, a decrease in power, and an increase in fuel consumption.

If you do not clean or replace the filter element for a long time, it will cause serious blockage of the filter hole, poor intake of the engine, insufficient gasoline, and increased fuel consumption, as well as black smoke from the exhaust pipe and insufficient engine power.

So, how long should the air filter be cleaned or replaced? Each new car’s manual will have a clear mileage interval description. If you have lost the manual, based on my maintenance experience, I suggest that you: clean up every 2000KM driving and replace it every 12000KM driving on the road with less dust. The dusty road conditions should shorten the cleaning/replacement cycle of the filter element. The new viscous, oil-containing filter element must not be cleaned or cleaned, but can only be replaced directly; on the road with less dust, replace it every 12000KM driving.

Make use of high-quality air filter, which can effectively ensure the performance of your car to ensure that power, to save fuel, effective control of dust into the air and can effectively smoothly into the engine combustion chamber to extend the cylinder block, piston, piston rings life .

Post time: Sep-16-2021