silicone hose

Industry silicone pipe can be divided into “extrusion pipe”, “shaped pipe.” Silicone tube from the silicone rubber raw material added to the two-roll mixer or closed kneading machine, and gradually add white carbon black and other additives repeatedly refined, according to industry product technical standards, made by extrusion products. Silicone rubber is a new type of polymer elastomer with excellent resistance to high temperature (250-300 ℃) and low temperature (-40-60 ℃) performance, good physiological stability, and can withstand repeated harsh times And disinfection conditions, with excellent resilience and permanent deformation of small (200 ℃ 48 hours not more than 50%), breakdown voltage (20-25 KV / mm), ozone resistance, UV resistance. Radiation resistance and other characteristics, special silicone rubber with oil resistance

Common silicone tube: medical silicone hose, food grade silicone hose, industrial silicone tube, silicone shaped tube, automotive silicone hose.

we can provide all types of silicone pipe, such as Elbow silicone hose, Straight coupler, Reducer silicone hose, Hump silicone hose, Silicone intake hose, Fluorosilicone hose, Radiator intercooler car kit,KamA3 Silicone hose, T-shape silicone hose,1 Meter silicone hose.


Post time: Jul-08-2022