Factory Supply Customized Black Flexible Resistant EPDM Automotive Radiator Rubber Hose Pipe

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The advantages and disadvantages of PDM hose: aging resistance, electrical insulation and ozone resistance are outstanding. Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water vapor resistance, color stability, electrical properties, oil filling properties and room temperature fluidity. Detergents, animal and vegetable oils, ketones and greases all have good resistance; but they have poor stability in fatty and aromatic solvents (such as gasoline, benzene, etc.) and mineral oils. Under the long-term action of concentrated acid, the performance will also decrease the water vapor resistance and is estimated to be better than its heat resistance. In 230℃ superheated steam, there is no change in appearance after nearly 100h. But under the same conditions, fluorine rubber, silicon rubber, fluorine silicon rubber, butyl rubber, nitrile rubber, and natural rubber experienced obvious deterioration in appearance after a short period of time. Because there are no polar substituents in the molecular structure of ethylene-propylene rubber, the cohesive energy of the molecule is low, and the molecular chain can maintain flexibility in a wide range, second only to natural rubber and butadiene rubber, and can still be maintained at low temperatures. Ethylene-propylene rubber lacks active groups due to its molecular structure, has low cohesive energy, and the rubber is easy to bloom, and its self-adhesiveness and mutual adhesion are very poor.

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Our factory is located in Qinghe County, Xingtai City. It covers an area of 2,000 square meters, has four workshops, has more than 500 experienced employees, and has six to seven production lines with high production efficiency. Our company also has nearly 15 years of experience in foreign trade import and export, and has all import and export qualifications, so you can rest assured to place an order with us! You can also go to our company's official website to watch our company and factory introduction video.

Our Services

1. can produce Silicone Hose,Radiator Hose, Intake Pipe,NBR Hose and EPDM Hoses according to OEM number, Samples or Drawings.
2. Small Quantity is acceptable.
3. Samples can be provided for quality confirmation.
4. Certificates can be provided if you need.
5. LOGO Printing according to your requests
6. Custom-built Hoses are highly welcome.

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